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Bagong Pag-asa’s program on HIV & AIDS education, prevention, care and counseling. 

Through this initiative, BP aims:

  • to be a major resource for counseling those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS
  • to be a primary mover in destigmatizing HIV & AIDS through education and information dissemination
  • for BP community to be agents in the prevention of HIV & AIDS

Program offering:

  • pre-test and post test counseling for people who will have themselves tested for HIV
  • professional counseling for people living with HIV and their loved ones in dealing with lifestyle adjustments and life issues
  • seminars and workshops on prevention, education and compassion awareness on HIV/AIDS
  • channeling PLWA (people living with AIDS), particularly infected and affected children, to appropriate resource persons and organizations

Fill in this form to indicate your wish to support our programs.

YES! I wish to help support your program for:
Counseling HIV positive people and their affected loved ones
Education and awareness on HIV & AIDS
Care & support for children infected with HIV and affected by HIV

I will give:

  One time
In kind as needed by children (specific needs to be advised upon contacting the office)
Contact No:

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