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At BP we do not view homosexuality as an inborn unchangeable fact of life or as a viable alternative lifestyle. Instead, we believe that God's love and redemptive power are able to bring restoration to the entire individual, including their sexuality.

The roots of homosexuality usually extend to early childhood. Often, the man struggling with homosexual desires has no idea what early life events implanted his same-sex attractions. BP usually recommends people struggling with same sex attraction to go through counseling to identify and address issues and events that led to the development of homosexual desires.  We also encourage them to attend our weekly support group meetings to develop godly, non-sexual, healthy relationships with other men.

However, for those who are geographically unable to come to our group meetings, we offer our correspondence ministry where we send teachings that will help the struggler know more about the issues that may have contributed to the condition he now finds himself in. The teaching materials educate members about the roots of homosexuality, knowing one’s identity in Christ, making necessary changes in one’s lifestyle and the promise of change.  Through the reading materials, the member may be led into reflecting about his issues and be empowered with the knowledge on new ways to make right choices.  The correspondence materials also emphasizes that the most important factor in overcoming homosexuality is through having a committed relationship with God.


Feedback from some of the members of the Correspondence Ministry:

thank you for sending me the message…anyway I gained a lot of knowledge in knowing who I am and my identity...now I know the reason behind my struggle with same sex attraction...pls send me a lot of info...thanks...may GOD bless you always and your ministry....SHALOM


Hey brothers,
I really like to give all my thanks to you...it is nice to know that there are persons who care to know and to help me out in this situation.


Thank you very much for remembering me....


thank you so much for giving this insight, I do appreciate it…this is great to think about


Greetings from General Santos City.

Thank you for keeping in touch. The "letters" you regularly send are a great encouragement to me and my journey.  I appreciate your ministry and your care.



If you wish to be a member of our Correspondence Ministry, please click the button below and provide your email or mailing address.


We at Bagong Pag-asa are here to help parents, families, and friends who go through this difficult time. We can’t fix the homosexual friend or relative but one thing... (DETAILS)


Bagong Pag-asa offers several drop-in support groups for men. All people, regardless of religion, who struggle with homosexuality are welcome...
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