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We at Bagong Pag-asa are here to help parents, families, and friends who go through this difficult time. We can’t fix the homosexual friend or relative but one thing we can do is to help you understand why you feel the way you do about this discovery. The closer the relationship, the deeper the hurt. Each person feels different because their relationship with the individual is different.

Some of the emotions that friends and family feel are anger, betrayal, guilt and shame. If it is a very close relationship then there is a grief cycle because something has died--the life you had hoped for (or with) your loved one.

Many parents struggle with how to know when helping their child is really hindering them. Finally, you need to have a relationship with your child without sacrificing your integrity. You are not alone. You can get better, no matter what your loved one chooses to do. You can also build a better relationship with your loved one. God can transform the homosexual person but that person has to want change. You will find hope here at Bagong Pag-asa. Our God is the healer of broken hearts. Anita has lived with the ups and downs of her only son being homosexual for many years. You can read her testimony on the book she has co-authored "Caring for a Gay Loved One." You can order the book at Bagong Pag-asa Office or check on the local bookstore.

For several years, Bagong Pag-asa ran a one year men's residential program. It is our hope to once again offer this intensive discipleship...


Bagong Pag-asa offers several drop-in support groups for men. All people, regardless of religion, who struggle with homosexuality are welcome...
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