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Because homosexuality affects more than just the individual concerned, we also extend a helping hand to their families and loved ones through individual counseling and special group meetings for wives of gay men, parents of gay children and loved ones of gays. For many people this is the first time they have been able to vocalize these issues that have kept them in bondage for so many years.

As part of our ministry, we also run a Leadership Training Program to train Filipino men to minister hope and freedom to those trapped by homosexuality. Check our programs for more information.


From a mother...
• My son, a homosexual? I felt overwhelmed with guilt and shame and determined to "fix" him at any cost.

From a father...
• Thanks very much for your concern. I pray GOD will bless your work for there are many who needs your help.

From strugglers...
• Nobody knows about it. I’m in denial. Am trying my very best to suppress the feeling. I renounce homosexual activity for I fully understand that it is detestable to God. But as I continue ignoring and suppressing, the temptations keep getting stronger. I don’t understand why God has placed me in this situation of suffering.
• I feel so blessed now that I’ve come to know that I really don’t have to be alone…knowing you (BP) is truly a great experience! How can I ever say thanks!

Bagong Pag-asa Ministry is a Christ-Centered Ministry designed to help people leave their homosexual lifestyle...


Bagong Pag-asa Ministry is the continuation of the work of Frank and Anita Worthen...


Bagong Pag-asa offers several drop-in support groups for men. All people, regardless of religion, who struggle with homosexuality are welcome...
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